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Butyl Aluminu Spacer Warm Edge Technolgy

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    سعر الوحدة: USD 20 / Meter
    الدفع نوع: L/C,T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CIF
    أدني كمية الطلب: 1 Meter

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NameWarm Edge Spacer

Max.glass SizeJumbo Size

AdvantageShape Glass

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفcontainer or paper case


مكان المنشأshandong,China

ميناءQingdao China,Tianjin,Shanghai

الدفع نوعL/C,T/T


وصف المنتج

Warm Adge Spacer - New Technolty Working with IG Syetem

The spacer is made to connect two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass .The spacer was filled with desiccant together. Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact

with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.

1. Good sealability: longer water vapor struction barrier such as water vapour.

2. Higher production efficiency: inserting angle is not needed. Rubber spacer can be bent

randomly. Profiled insulating glasses in various shapes canbe fabricated;

3. Good air tightness: macromolecule agglomerant and tackifier guarantee excellent seal properity.aluminum strip fully obstructs the infiltration of water vapor;
4. High temperature resistance: macromolecule tackifier improves the high temperature resistant and High moisture resistant properties of insulating glass;
5. Low temperature resistance: the enclosed mixing of desiccant and butyl-rubber ensures that the insulating glass is not dewfall at -50 °C;
6. Ageing resistance: macromolecule raw materials, antideteriorant, ultraviolet absorber and shielded agent.

Keywords: warm edge spacer.flexible spacer bar.rubber spacer with aluminum

Use for Manufacturing building doors and windows,Train,Bus,insulating glass ,insulating door, shutter,Refrigeration equipment and so on.


    Sealing spacer for insulating glass


  Insulaitng glass sealing material 


Black/Grey,Other color can be customized


 6mm-20mm, Other size can be customized




T/T, l/C

Package Size


20'GP container

    144 cartons

size of roll



1.The glass looks more beautiful with the aluminum strip on surface, and the appearance meeting the requirements for aluminum-frame type insulating glass, significantly improving its level.

2.The ageing-resistant performance remarkably enhances. The aluminum strip on surface effectively resists the ultraviolet irradiation, reinforcing the ageing-resistant performance of the spacer to a large extent.

3.Simple operation makes higher production efficiency.Adopting Kation spacer can take the place of complex processing procedure of traditional aluminum-frame type insulating glass.

Product packaging
Vacuum, Roll then packed in Carton
144 big cartons in 20’container.
176 small cartons in 20’container.


Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a group company included glass machinery factory glass material factory and trading company, and we are professinal manufacture who produces glass machine and materials in China.

Q2: Where is your factory located?
A: Our factory is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

Q3. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, the samples are free of charge, but the customers have to pay the courier cost.

Q4: Can you make the product according to my design or original sample?
A: Sure, we have a rich experience of professional and technical staff who will make the most suitable and satisfied designs for you.

Q5. How to ensure product quality?
A: We have 100% inspection during production, you (or your representatives) also can come to inspect the goods before delivery from our factory.

Q6: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A: We will always keep the best quality product and the most competitive price to ensure our clients the best interests. Also we will regard you as our good friend in life and a reliable partner in business cooperation.

As professinal Insulating glass machine manufacture in China,except material such as Moleculaer sieve and aluminum spacer and sealant . We are good at develping and producing automatic vertical insulaing glass processing production line ,vertical low-e glass egde deleting machine,automatice robot insulaiting glass production line and so on.


1.Insulated Glass Production Line

2.Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine

3.Low-E Glass Edge Remover Machine

4.Silicone Sealant Sealing Robot

5.Glass Lifting Equipment

6.Insulated Glass Production Line

7.Vertical Glass Washing Machine

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  • Butyl Aluminu Spacer Warm Edge Technolgy
  • Butyl Aluminu Spacer Warm Edge Technolgy
  • Butyl Aluminu Spacer Warm Edge Technolgy
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