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Double Insulating Glass Production Line

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نقطة البيع الأساسيةسهل تنفيذه

سماكة الزجاج3-25 ملم

تقرير الاختبار الميكانيكيقدمت

فحص مصنع الفيديوقدمت

نوع التسويقمنتج عادي

فترة ضمان المكونات الأساسيةسنة واحدة

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TypeInsulating Glass Production Line



Control systemPLC

Glass Washing Machine TypeHorizontal Glass Washing Machine

Grinding Head Number16


Glass Washing Speed2-10m/min

Glass Conveyor Speed45m/min

ColorCustomers' Request

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفWooden Cases Package and Container Transfer

إنتاجية150 sets on per year


مكان المنشأJinan City, Shandong Province, China

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد5 sets on 30 working days

الشهاداتCE & ISO9000

ميناءQingdao Port,Tianjin Port,Shanghai Port

الدفع نوعL/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union,D/A,Others


وصف المنتج

Automatic Vertical Double Glass Production Line Used for Insulated Glass Hollow Glass Producing Machinery Manufactorer on Sale
Product Description

Brief Introduction

* Ultra-long insulating glass could be compressed with second times.

* The machine adopts servo torque to pressing glass.

* The pressingplate with adjustable screws to guarantee long-lasting high-precision tablet.

* The machine equipped with a precisely adjustable front platen mechanism.

* The system can diagnose fault information.

* The pressingplate can be opened to 400mm width for easy maintenance.

* Applicable to produce four-side step IG, triple IG and customer wanted-shape IG.

The second part: the washing and drying section.
In this glass cleaning section, there are three pairs of soft brushes and four pairs of water spray for washing and drying glass. The air knife is float designed, which part always keeps the right and suitable distance between the glass and air knife in the press and design section. ( Entirely as same as the LISEC ) The transfer wheel from this section: The front and back transfer wheel is all-direction moved, all actively transferred. Whatever the glass size is big or small, it always guarantees the glass pass through smoothly. ( Entirely as same as the LISEC ) The axle and bearing of brushes adopt all stainless steel, which could keep the machine can washing stabilized and using for a long time. The whole drying machine uses a sound insulation design, which could reduce noise pollution effectively.

The 6th parts: the pressing and gas filling section.

In this section, it could adopts online input the suitable gas proportion value, all the data could showed off on the touch screen, and during the gas filling processing, the touch screen can show off the whole gas filing process visually. However, how to show off the percentage of the argon gas filling on the touch screen online, is the importance technology on insulating glass producing. Jinan Lijiang Glass, which is the first and the only one manufactory, could master this technology very well from China. There is no doubt that it could be very useful for customers, when argon gas are filling, it will show off the whole processing on the screen. When it reach the customers setting data, It will alarm and stop immediately. So it not only can save the argon gas, but also can save the processing-time. And also, the bottom of gas filling is our special structure. (Entirely as same as the structure of LISEC) Whole press and gas filling section are divided into five parts (per 750mm), when the small size glass (less than 750mm) pass through the pressing and gas filling section, only one part could work. When the difference size glass, which glass is more than 750mm but less than 1500mm, pass through the pressing and gas filling section, it will two parts work, no need the whole press and gas filling section work, to saving more the argon gas.

Advantages & Features

Benefits & Advantages

Adopt SIEMENS control system, keep stable performance PLC control system, touch screen interface Automatically adjust the depth of glue with digital display Using servo to control system, modular function, superposition function Applicable to produce stepped IG, triple IG and shaped IG Two pieces of IGU can be made and filled with argon gas in one time (Optional) Min & Max glass sizes can be optional European design concept, simple and smart operation; the world-famous brand of core components, ensure stable operation and long service life; It is designed for processing high quality glass, such as reflective glass, Low-E glass, reflective glass and tempered glass; Large glass processing size, various models and customization available; Large production capacity, output 1,000pcs in working days; It can be used for two-layer, three-layer, pad and glass with irregular shape; Automatic air gas filling during the glass paper assembly process.
Argon Gas Filling Automatically
• Automatically filling argon gas inside the pressing plate with precise gas concentration.
• When filling shaped IG, inflatable front side of the rectangular size required 450mm (length), 280mm (high).
• No need to drill holes in spacer frame.
• Standard gas is argon gas.
• Fast reacting sensor for permanent control of gas filling process.
• Automatically set gas data and display data on the screen.

• Two pieces of IGU could be pressed and filled gas in once time, each IGU could fill argon gas over 90%.
• Can be better prevented the pressing part to be out of shape by pressing two pieces of IGU in once time.
• High-speed IG processing line.
•Solving the problem of waiting for working on the sealing robot. Improve work efficiency highly.
• Installing two spacer frames for two IGU by one workman.
• Automatically measuring glass size and labeling (labeling can be allowed before pressing and after pressing) with ERP system.
• From transfer part to pressing part, each part is divided.
• Suitable for mass production in a factory, Ultra-fast speed.

The coating inspection

To Avoid the Low-E glass put inverse side and Leave wheel marks or scratch low-e Coating, Jinan LIJIANG Glass uses coating inspection -metal film conductive. (others suppliers from China, usually use the photoelectric detection, and it's hard to recognize for higher transparent)

The pressing box uses the high precision servo motor.

The servo motor could be accurately calculated the thickness of the Insulated glass and aluminum spacer. Compared with traditional hydraulic station. And also, it could guarantee the precise working pressure and protect the glass from damage, at the same time increasing the working speed.

It uses six soft (Low-e glass) brushes with the 0.1mm diameter only.

It has 6 brushes which are all soft brush, could wash and dry more difference types and sizes ofr low-e glass, flat glass,
tempered glass and so on. It has a diameter of less than 0.1mm bristles, never damage glass, especially for low-e glass cleaning.

The whole washing machine all uses 304 stainless steel materials

The whole washing and drying section adopt 304 stainless steel materials, including the plate and interior spare parts. The thickness plate can up to 4mm and the interior plate can be 8mm.The equipment performance is better and service life is much longer than other suplliers.

Transfer wheels VS Air-floating technology

The front and back transfer wheel are all moved, all actively transferred. It can guarantee the big and thick glass pass through smoothly. The equipment adopts the new air – floating technology uses air to support glass and transfer glass. When glass is washed clearly from the washing machine, using air to transport the glass, it won't be contaminated. Ensure that the produced insulating glass is of the highest quality.

The first one to use adjustable points to ensure that the platen will never deform.

The whole equipment adopts CNC technology into the pressing board. It was designed the adjustable points inside the pressing board to keep the backplate straight all the time. In China, except LIJIANG, no more others suppliers could guarantee that the pressing board will remain vertical andstraight all the time after used over 10 or 20 years.
Main Technical Parameter
Max. glass size
Min. glass size
Glass thickness
3-15mm / 19mm
Insulating glass thickness
50mm / 60mm
Glass washing speed
Glass conveyor speed
Washing brushes
3 pairs
Water supply
Water consumption:0.5t/h 
Air supply
Flow: 0.8m/min
Air pressure
Total power
3P 380V 50HZ 40KW

Series Products:

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Desiccant Filling Machine
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Automatic Low-E Glass Deletion
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  • Double Insulating Glass Production Line
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